Welcome to SMC 2019

The 16th Sound & Music Computing Conference will take place in Malaga, Spain, 28-31 May 2019 and it will be organized by the Application of Information and Communication Technologies Research group (ATIC) of the University of Malaga (UMA).

SMC2019 associated Summer School will take place 25-28 May 2019. In addition to the Summer School and the SMC Scientific program, the SMC participants will have the opportunity of enjoying and contributing to a great Music Program and an awesome Social Program.


SMC 2019 TOPICS OF INTEREST include a wide selection of topics related to acoustics, psychoacoustics, music, technology for music, audio analysis, musicology, sonification, music games, machine learning, serious games, immersive audio, sound synthesis, etc.

Among these topics, the theme of this year is Music and Interaction. This topic is as broad as the different ways in which a certain person (musician or not, engineer or not, artist or not...) may want to interact with music, depending on their personal interests and their specific relationship with music.

The interaction can be focused on music composition and creation, music performance, music data mining, the influence of music on human beings, music learning, musical instruments, new sound development, reading music, etc.

SMC 2019 conference will foster the presentation of new methods for any kind of musical conversation or conversation through music, human-computer interaction through the lens of sound, interaction models from objects to bio and AI systems, new interfaces for playing music, interactive content discovery and recommendation, optical music recognition, music education, music games, sonification and any other music information retrieval related technology.

SMC 2019 will be an interdisciplinary forum to share research, music, thoughts, needs and discoveries between musicians in a broad sense, computer science experts, music information retrieval researchers, etc. This interdisciplinary atmosphere will be the perfect place to come up with new ideas, applications and challengues to keep on working in this fantastic research topic that brings together art, technology and human perception.