Call for Music

You can download the PDF version of the call-for-music HERE.

SMC 2019 invites researchers and creators to submit musical contributions that make use of the possibilities technology offers nowadays to create music in a broad sense and, in particular, matching this year's featured topic: Music and Interaction. Musical contributions will be evaluated and considered for their possible inclusion in the conference concerts.

The SMC 2019 Music Programme will include:

  • A main curated concert on May 29, 2019 at Sala María Cristina. This concert will have two parts. In the first part, we will enjoy professional musicians performing music from Spanish Composers. The second part will be devoted to contemporary variations of Spanish music according to the state of the art possibilities of making music.

  • Music Sessions at SMC 2019 Conference Venue. In this venue, it will be possible to showcase some new musical instruments and/or new possibilities of making music in a close and relaxed atmosphere that will foster interaction between SMC 2019 participants.

The submission of works that falls into any of these categories are encouraged:

  • C1. Works engaging with music information technologies and techniques through contemporary variations of Spanish music. They could be based on the style of Spanish composers (Albéniz, Falla, Rodrigo, etc.) or in traditional Spanish music as pasodobles, coplas, zarzuela, flamenco, Easter processional marches, jotas, etc. Within this type of folk music, Malagueñas (earlier fandango from the area of Málaga) variations are strongly encouraged, including the use of typical microtones and exploring new guitar and piano accompaniments (illustrative examples of different well-known malagueñas can be found at "Rumores de la Caleta" by I. Albéniz, or "Malagueña" by Lecuona). The works in this category are encouraged to take the form of AI composed works for acoustic instruments, amplification of arthroscopic instrumental sounds, NIMES, and/or as live-electronic processing.

  • C2. Works and improvisational strategies using music information technologies and techniques in music production and composition (Music Information Retrieval, Automatic Music Transcription, Automatic Music Generation, Source Separation, Score Following, etc.)

  • C3. Real-time interactive music compositional and improvisation systems both performed and autonomous. Examples might include musical robots, live-electronic (mixte) music, computer-based musical direction, etc. .

  • C4. New musical instruments and new interfaces for live performance featured in a composition or improvisation.

Due to limitations on venue and logistics, installations and other site-specific works will not be exhibited at this SMC.

General Guidelines

The artists sending their work should take into account the following guidelines:

  • Works should not exceed ten minutes in length, though longer works may be selected in exceptional cases. Works with shorter durations (e.g. 5-7 minutes) are highly encouraged.

  • The call is open to all composers regardless of nationality, age or career stage.

  • The contributors sending the music will have to take care of the performers playing the music.

  • In the main concert venue (Sala María Cristina), the following assets will be available:


    • • Digital mixer Tascam DM-3200

    • • SoundField SPS422B Microphone System

    • • 2 handheld/beltpack Beyerdynamic Wireless microphones (2 beltpacks, 1 clip, 1 headset, 1 hand-on microphone)

    • • 1 Beyerdynamic lectern microphone

    • • 3 Beyerdynamic conference microphones

    • • 6 Beyerdynamic MC930 condenser microphones

    • • 1 Denon CD player

    • • 1 Apple iMac computer with Mbox2 sound card

    • • Loudspeakers: 2 GREL 12", 1 Bass Reinforcement Martin-Audio X118W, 3 Martin-Audio X12W, 4 Round Base Martin-Audio X8B

    • • 1 Midas MR18 18-Input Digital Mixer

    • • 1 piano (a second one can be available upon request)


    • • 1 Video projector (WUXGA)

    • • 4 mts-16:9 Screen

    • • 1 Panasonic AV HS400 Live Video Switcher

    • • 4 Panasonic 3CCD Motorized Video Camera system

    • • 1 DVCpro recorder

    • • 1 DAC70 Datavideo converter (VGA, HDMI, SDI, SDI-HDMI)

    • • 1 DVD Denon player

    • LIGHTS

    • • 1 ETC Smartface lighting board control

    • • 1 ETC Smartpack 12 channel Dimmer

    • • 4 1 kW front focusing Fresnel spotlight

    • • 5 Par 56 Lighting at the middle part of the stage, and 4 Par 56 Lighting at the rear part

  • In the SMC 2019 main conference venue, basic audio equipment and a projector will be available.

  • In both music venues, the following musical instruments will be available upon request:

    • • A Spanish guitar

    • • A cajón flamenco

    • • A violin

    • • A transverse flute.

  • The composer should bring basic computational support for performing selected works (such as CD, DVD, laptops and/or required software), musical instruments, and performers for works with live interaction. We encourage the inclusion of performers among musicians or other artists such as dancers, actors, etc.

  • Please note that only one work per composer will be programmed. In case your piece is selected, you will need to pay the registration fee and present your music contribution.