Call for Papers

You can download the PDF version of this call-for-paper HERE.

SMC 2019 welcomes contributions for oral and poster/demo presentations examining all the core topics of the Sound and Music Computing field and, in particular, matching this year's featured topic: Music and Interaction.

Music and Interaction topic covers all the ways in which a person (musician or not, engineer or not, artist or not...) may want to interact with music. Interaction can be focused on music composition and creation, music performance, music data mining, the influence of music on human beings, music learning, musical instruments, new sound development, reading music, etc.

A special issue of Applied Sciences focus on Sound and Music Computing -- Music and Interaction will publish extended version based on excellent contributions to the 2019 Sound and Music Computing Conference SMC19. Check out all the information at

SMC 2019 conference topics

SMC 2019 conference topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Acoustics and psychoacoustics

  • AI and music performance

  • Analysis/synthesis of the singing voice

  • Applications in audio and music

  • Architectural acoustics modeling and auralization

  • Assistive technologies

  • Audio and music for AR/VR

  • Audio and music for games

  • Audio interactions

  • Audio recognition and birdsinging

  • Auditory display

  • Automatic music generation/accompaniment systems

  • Bioacoustic modeling

  • Biomusic and sound installations

  • Computational archeomusicology

  • Computational musicology

  • Computational ethnomusicology

  • Computational ornithomusicology

  • Computer-aided real time composition

  • Computer music software and programming languages

  • Data sonification

  • Digital signal processing

  • Digital systems of tuning

  • Educational tools

  • Ethics of sound and new technologies

  • Gesture, motion and music

  • History and aesthetics of electroacoustic music

  • New interfaces for interactive music creation

  • Immersive audio/soundscape environments

  • Improvisation in music through interactivity

  • Interaction and improvisation

  • Interaction in music performance

  • Interactive environments for voice training

  • Interactive music recommendation

  • Interactive performance systems

  • Jazz performance and machine learning

  • Mathematical music theory

  • Music and robotics

  • Music games and music for games

  • Music information retrieval

  • Music technology in education

  • Music therapy and technology for special needs

  • New interfaces for musical expression

  • New musical instruments

  • Perception and cognition of sound and music

  • Recording and mastering automation techniques

  • Sonification

  • Sound/music and the neurosciences

  • Spatial sound and spatialisation techniques

  • Physical models for sound synthesis

  • VR applications and technologies for sound and music